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Services we offer:
Part Worn Tyres – We have many sizes available for export and all our tyres are inspected by our on site examiners for any signs of damage to the sidewalls, beads and tops, uneven wear and for any signs of the rubber perishing. Once all the following checks have been completed then the tyres are graded according to the amount of tread left on the tyre. The Grading is as follows: Grade A- Tread 6-7mm, Grade B- Tread 4-5mm, Grade C- Tread 3-4mm.
Mobile Tyre Fitting Service- with over 20 years experience within the industry We offer a 24-hour breakdown assistance service, 7 days a week for car, van, truck, industrial, and plant at a competitive price. Our staffs are city and guilds trained in all aspects of the tyre trade and have been technically trained by all the leading tyre manufactures, which include BMW run flat applications.
Tyre Doubling - We Offer a nationwide doubling service for customers who want to maximise the amount of tyres that can be loaded into a container. Prices vary by location.
Tyre Bales-We do bales under BSI PAS 108 STANDARD TYRE BALES secifications.
About PAS:
PAS 108 has been prepared by The British Standards Institution (BSI) in collaboration with WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to provide a specification for producing compact tyre bales of a consistent and verifiable quality and dimension.
Tyre bales offer significant advantages in construction projects due to the following features:
Permeability comparable to gravel
High porosity
Efficient administration producing Clear and Transparent invoicing.
Low bulk density
Good frictional response and stiffness
Full technical specification for PAS 108 tyre bales can be downloaded from the WRAP website here
We are looking for companies who produce tyre bales on a regular basis within the UK and overseas and our prices for collection are very competitive. Please contact us with any queries.
Site Clearances – We clear sites throughout the UK and on an international basis dealing with waste tyre bales and the processing of loose waste tyres on large scales. If you have a problem with waste tyres
Tyre Recycling legislations:
The New Requirements From 16 July 2006 tyres can no longer be sent to landfill for disposal. There is an exception to this rule; some tyres such as bicycle tyres and tyres with an outside
Responsibilities of a Waste Tyre Producer You have a duty of care for your waste tyres, this duty does not leave with your tyres. You must ensure that your collector disposes of the waste in a legal and environmentally friendly manner.
You should make sure your collector has an up to date waste carrier's license and that they recover or dispose of them properly on your behalf. If you are storing them you must do so safely so they don't present a fire risk.
If you produce waste tyres and need advice to comply with the new rules simply contact us and we will advise accordingly.
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